SEVEN DEADLY SPINS: 9/23/2012 – 9/30/2012

This week’s SEVEN DEADLY SPINS includes two songs by Melody’s Echo Chamber because, well, I really really like that album. (It’s French and psychedelic pop– it’s like they made it just for me!) Proving that I’m always a sucker for an interesting marketing campaign, I also bought (and totally dug) MS MR’s “Candy Bar Creep Show” EP, which they released on Tumblr via a really cool audio/video/remix widget designed by Eyes & Ears Entertainment. And proving that I don’t believe in guilty pleasures, ABBA’s “Take A Chance On Me” was one of my most played this week. Not ashamed.

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Remember what I said a few weeks ago about the dangers of having friends in bands? Crisis is once again avoided. I got to see history in the making last Wednesday, i.e., Layla The Wolf‘s first show. I’m expecting big things from this clan, what with their goofy band members and Givers-esque riffs. If you’re in Nashville, they’re playing a show at Springwater on Monday. The day before, I also passed by Grimey’s for Fox Fun’s celebratory in-store in honor of their first 7″ record. Fox Fun, one of my favorite bands, is a punk duo consisting of two 17-year-olds who jam harder than people twice their age. They’re a nice mix of power-pop, classic rock, and catchy (often borderline ridiculous but always fun) lyrics. Snag their new single on yellow vinyl at Turbo Time Records. Lastly, needles//pins, whose album a) I thought I bought about a month ago, b) I recently found out I did not actually buy, c) is one of my favorite ones to randomly discover this year. It was hard picking a song because I love them all. Best power-pop band since The Exploding Hearts.

“Lazy Susan” by Layla the Wolf. Live in our Basement from Cardboard Films on Vimeo.



  1. Whoa there, we’re both 17. Just wanna clear that up. Thanks – Fox Fun

    1. My bad, dudes! I am old and my eyesight is going. Will fix!

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