SEVEN DEADLY SPINS: 10/15/12 – 10/21/12

As those of you who follow me on Twitter know, I’ve been in New York for the past week for CMJ Music Marathon. It was indeed a marathon of music industry panels, late-night showcases, and cheap eats. The panel sessions were stellar, so expect some recap posts in the next week. (You can also check out my guest blog on From Brooklyn to Belmont.) Until then, here’s this week’s Seven Deadly Spins: THE CMJ EDITION! The Best Booked Show award goes to American Drunkard‘s Tuesday night showcase at Mercury Lounge. Bands included Foxygen, who I’m convinced is a time-travelling band here to save rock & roll; The Orwells, whose show was clearly either a demon possession or exorcism backed by guitars; and Tashaki Miyaki, whose drummer-fronted fuzz rock was a pleasant surprise for me. The Best Dance Party award goes to AVAN LAVA, who blew me away with a 2 AM Red Bull-fueled, blacklight/strobe -filled, fully choreographed show at Webster Hall on Wednesday night.

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It’s no secret that I loooove high school bands (#FOREVERYOUNG), so I knew I had to go see afropunks The Skins the moment I saw their name on CMJ’s artist list. It was an hour wait to get in to their show, but it was completely worth it. They brought the funk and the punk, the shred and the soul, and I’m gonna be first in line when their first album comes out. On a similar note, I know that I should be embarrassed at how many pictures I took of Kitty Pryde at The FADER Fort, but I just can’t muster it. She’s got the same young-adult-masquerading-as-a-young-teen thing going on that makes Taylor Swift fans go crazy, but with a lot more Adderall and internet memes. Also making the crowd go crazy: Maluca. I saw this latina Nicki Minaj completely by accident, but damn, I have never seen more twerking in my life.


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