SEVEN DEADLY SPINS: 10/22/12 – 10/28/12

Well, I can almost guarantee that there will be an Orwells song on the rest of my Seven Deadly Spins because I cannot. Stop. Listening. To. That. Album. If you believe in rock n roll at all, please buy their album, see them live, buy their merch, etc. Two of my other favorite bands — Best Coast and The Exploding Hearts — are also featured, as they are both on my favorite October mix. GRMLN, who I’ve never heard of before they were featured on Spotify, is a really chill, vaguely surf, mostly-instrumental pop. They’re the perfect soundtrack for reading while wrapped up in blankets, so I’m sure I’ll be listening to them a lot this fall. I have the same feeling about Now Now, who I also haven’t listened to before, despite the fact that NPR and everyone I know in Brooklyn loves Now Now. Flipping over to the other side of pop music, I randomly snagged the Diamond Rings’ new album on cassette tape during CMJ. I have a weakness for dark yet danceable 80s-inspired pop, so I obviously dig their album a lot. Also on the dark-pop front: I am proudly one of the few people who liked (read: was totally obsessed with) Interpol’s Our Love To Admire, so I don’t mind being one of the only people who likes Paul Banks’ solo album. A watered-down Interpol album? You know I’m in!

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First video is from MS MR, who I have to give a triple shout to. First, for putting this broke punk on the guest list for their show. Despite circling and starring their names on all of my CMJ schedules, I managed to miss all of their showcases, so I really appreciate them helping out a fan. Second, for being even better live than I imagined. Oof, those vocals. Stellar. Third, for playing a Patrick Wolf cover at the show. In like, the eighth grade, I was torn between who my gay boyfriend should be: Patrick Wolf or Owen Pallet. (I will still accept either.)

The other two bonus tracks are by Nashville artists. First up, Patrick Wolf with his primo Halloween single, aptly named “Spooky.” Bit of self-promotion: he will also be headlining an American-themed 8 off 8th that I’m co-hosting at Mercy Lounge on November 5th. (That’s right, the night before the election.) It’s a FREE show for a FREE country, so c’mon out and rock the vote. RSVP here. Singer/songwriter TORRES finishes off the bonus tracks with “Jealous and I.” It’s the kind of song that makes you want to stop and really listen and the stripped-down live video really does it justice. (I also recommend the crunchier “When Winter’s Over.”) TORRES plays a ton of shows around Nashville, so make sure to catch her before her debut album comes out in January 2013.


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