This edition of HEY! WHERE’D MY MONEY GO? is subtitled HEY! WHERE DID OCTOBER GO? Apparently, if you leave for two weeks in the middle of the month, it seems much shorter to you than to anyone else. All sudden it’s 50 degrees, there are leaves everywhere, and I’m about to vote for the first time, like a real adult.

This edition is also very misleading. The list of music-related things that I paid for is very short this month because I finagled my way into getting into a lot of shows for free (mostly by finagling my way into a free CMJ badge– thanks Katie!). But if you’re the time of person who factors in plane tickets, cheap meals, metrocards, and 7+ cab rides because the train that goes to where you’re staying is closed after 10 PM thanks New York, then wow, did I spend a lot of money on music this month.

Also misleading: I don’t pay for anything bought on iTunes because I have a heavy stock of gift card credit, but since they get money, I counted it. Also, every album I bought on iTunes this month happened yesterday. Two were because I needed one of the bands’ songs for my Halloween mix and thought, “Well, I definitely love this album enough to buy it.” One was because I needed the song for my Halloween mix and thought, “Well, I don’t like this song enough to buy an entire album.” The last one is from a friend of mine, who hit in the 70s of the iTunes Country chart and is currently featured as a “New and Noteworthy” country artist. How do you do that when you’re still in school? By being damn awesome at country music.

Digital Download

  • The Orwells – Remember When LP – $9.99
  • Marla Morris – Ready for the Rain LP – $7.92
  • Devin – Romancing LP – $7.99
  • Jump Little Children – “The House My Father Knows” – $0.99


  • N/A


  • N/A


  • Grimes – $18.00
  • Lazyeyes, The Can’t Tells, ADVAITA, Clinical Trials, Low Fat Getting High – $8 (RIP Delinquency)


  • Spotify – $10.00

Total: $53.89

What do you think– am I an affront to music business by spending so little on music even though I sold my soul to parade around New York, listening to every “next big thing” that CMJ had to offer? Or am I finally spending a “regular” amount of money on music? How much did you spend this month?


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