SEVEN DEADLY SPINS: 10/29/12 – 11/4/12

Between feeding masses of neighborhood children on Halloween and the plethora of awards shows this week (wut up CMAs), it’s a pretty hectic seven days. Whenever I’m super busy, I usually fall back on listening to playlists rather than checking out new music. Most of this week’s Seven Deadly Spins are from new mixtapes, old mixtapes, or new mixtapes from old friends. (One of these new mixes may be up soon, like on Election Day, hint hint.) Exceptions include Kopecky Family Band because I caught them at Grimey’s this week and “Angry Eyes” gets me every time; The Velvet Underground & Nico because you know I had to click that super deluxe anniversary album the moment I saw it on Spotify; and The Black Keys because I’ve been trying to relearn guitar for our new band, which mostly consists of me playing The Black Keys and The Exploding Hearts over and over again (sorry roommates).

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Our first bonus song comes from Kacey Musgraves. The song I’m actually obsessing over is called “My House,” but “It Is What It Is” has a better video, so I’m posting that one instead. I think my feelings about Kacey Musgraves and her upcoming debut album can be best summed up with this YouTube comment from J Meth: “how is she not more famous……ps: I would like to marry you.” The other bonus songs are from two bands who will be playing Whispers of Freedom, the America-themed 8 off 8th that I’m co-hosting tomorrow night. Come see Nashville Shores-based Blackbear & the Surf Bums, the hyper-sexual Blown Stag, and 6 other great American bands play The High Watt at Mercy Lounge for FREE. Doors at 8, bands at 9, freedom forever.


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