PRETENTIOUS MIXTAPES: United States of Whatever

Why It’s Pretentious: I voted today for the first time ever, so naturally I made a mix about it. Originally titled North American Scum after my second favorite LCD Soundsystem song, it is much more apathetic/snarky than I am. What can I say, I love angry punx, formally disenfranchised rappers, and bitter electronic artists. Personally, I’ve been parading around with a six foot American flag being genuinely excited that my vote was not suppressed/that I did not even need the three different forms of ID that I brought to my polling place this morning. (Shout out to Sylvan Park Elementary School– specifically the kindergarten hallway!!!)

The original version of this mix included “America Is” by the Violent Femmes. I recommend checking that song out, as well as Liam Lych’s version of “United States of Whatever,” which is more fun than the version that’s available on Spotify.

Okay, don’t be dweeb, get out and vote!

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