SEVEN DEADLY SPINS: 11/19/12-11/25/12

I apologize for 1) skipping a Seven Deadly Spins and 2) the wonkiness of this week’s Seven Deadly Spins. The first is because we’re closing in on the end of the semester, which means that things are getting more crazy and I’m listening to less music. The second is because I spent the past week at my parents’ house for Thanksgiving Break and my mom only owns three CDs: Justin Timberlake’s FutureSex/LoveSounds, Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad (Reloaded), and Madonna’s The Immaculate Collection. Nonetheless, five years later, I will still stand by Good Girl Gone Bad as one of the most solid pop albums my ears have ever had the pleasure to hear. OK GO’s “Here It Goes Again” gets a quick second feature because it’s become my go-to car-karaoke song, while Turbo Fruits “Keepin’ On” is my current go-to whistle-while-I-work song.

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All three of today’s bonus tracks are by Best Coast. This is because Best Coast is one of my favorite bands ever. (Case in point: For my birthday, I got a backstage pass from her tour with Jeff the Brotherhood — which I unfortunately missed when Jake broke his hand — and I jumped out of my chair in excitement and nearly cried.) First up is “Got Something For You,” her Christmas duet with Wavves. I’ve woken up singing this song since… at least a week and a half before Thanksgiving, so yes, I am worse than most major retail stores when it comes to Christmas music. Next is her new video for “Do You Love Me Like You Used To?” I somehow missed this video getting released a few weeks back, but it is absolutely adorable. And finally we have her cover of Lesley Gore’s “That’s The Way Boys Are,” which, to me, is the perfect combination of fuzzy guitars and Lesley Gore.

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