November was a sad month when it came to music purchases. Really, the only time that I bought albums was Black Friday and even that was limited by the fact that my parents live in Arkansas, where there are no record stores. The fact that I got some money for my birthday was also counteracted by the fact that some guy stole my debit card number and bought $500 worth of groceries in Canada. (Canadians! I thought y’all were supposed to be nice!) This also meant that my Spotify Premium account was cancelled after my debit card was cancelled. I’ve been struggling with whether or not to go back to Premium. On the one hand, no ads; on the other, paying money and being poor. I will probably buy it again though.

After  seeing a blur of shows during CMJ last month, this month seems particularly empty when it comes to live music. The Ettes’ show and the 8 off 8th that I co-hosted earlier in the month are the only two shows that I saw this month. This is unprecedented and I need to review my life choices. I’m not really into New Years’ resolutions, but I think “go to more shows” is a worthy one.

Finally, in the interest of keeping my overall spending habits accounted for, I added a few albums that I bought within the past two months but forgot to write down. Hint: they are all the JEFF the Brotherhood limited edition records. (I did get these at a discount.)

Hey! Where Did My Money Go?

Digital Download

  • A Motown Tribute to Nickelback – A Motown Tribute to Nickelback – $10


  • N/A


  • Grimes – Visions – $15
  • Jeff the Brotherhood – Dark Energy 7″ – $7
  • JEFF the Brotherhood – Heavy Days LP – $7 (limited edition blue vinyl with new back cover)
  • JEFF the Brotherhood – Heavy Days LP – $7 (limited edition swirly vinyl with new back cover)
  • JEFF the Brotherhood/Hell Beach – Hole 7″ – $4 (limited edition red vinyl)
  • JEFF the Brotherhood/Hell Beach – Hole 7″ – $4


  • The Ettes, Blackfoot Gypsies, Omega Swan, Blackbear – $7


  • None for you, Spotify, thanks to the guy who stole my debit card number!

Total: $54.00


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