SEVEN DEADLY SPINS: 11/26/12-12/2/12

This week’s SEVEN DEADLY SPINS is not entirely accurate because, if it were, it would consist of seven songs from Ke$ha’s new album. Ke$ha’s new album is the most brilliant pop album I have heard since… the last time she released an album. Just when I thought I couldn’t love her anymore, there she goes, sampling “Like a G6,” featuring rock gods like Iggy Pop and The Strokes, and writing songs about gold Trans-Ams. Anyway, her album isn’t available on Spotify yet, so I scourged up six non-Ke$ha songs I’ve been listening to lately. And one Ke$ha song because C’mon.

First up is Sheffield’s The Crookes, whose “Afterglow” I just discovered today. I’m not sure why no one told me about this band before, as they hit most of my favorite musical obsessions (e.g., using “oh oh oh oh oh” as a main lyric, being super poppy yet angular, having rolled up pant legs and elegant coifs, being British, etc.). Then comes The Libertines, who were featured on this week’s oneweekoneband. Like many girls, The Libertines were my introduction to the garage rock revival and obsessive band fandom. While “Can’t Stop Me Now” seems like the defining Libertines song, I am particularly partial to “Last Post on The Bugle,” since it reminds me of A Tale of Two Cities. With the deluxe edition of Turn On The Bright Lights coming out on December 4th (yes, on K$-Day), I’ve also spent a lot of time listening to Interpol’s older albums this week. “NYC” will always be my favorite Interpol songs because it makes me cry every time. I am crying right now.*

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I know I featured “Vis-A-Vis” on this week’s SEVEN DEADLY SPINS playlist, but honestly, I love this video so much that I had to share it in the bonus tracks too. First, it’s rare that a music video so perfectly matches the aesthetic of a song, and the nostalgic technicolor film definitely fits the song’s dreamy vibe. Second, I am the girl who is constantly looking through old postcards at flea markets and sending postcards to people, so I enjoy that aspect as well. Also delightfully dreamy: FINS’ “Baby In Blue.” I am sucker for any song with handclaps, repetitive riffs, and “wooo-ooo-oh”-filled choruses. Finally, the boys from NEEDLES//PINS sent me their record this week and IT IS EVEN BETTER ON VINYL THAN I COULD HAVE IMAGINED. With songs called “Best Friend” and “I Heart Drugs,” there was no doubt that this would be a power-pop bliss, but damn, these punks have put together what is quickly becoming one of my favorite albums of 2012.

* I am not actually crying because I am currently listening to Ke$ha


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