SEVEN DEADLY SPINS: 12/3/12-12/9/12

Another week of Seven Deadly Spins, another week when I pretend I listened to anything other than Ke$ha’s new album. Luckily, I did start working on my End-of-Year Best-Of-2012 lists this week, meaning I occasionally did not listen to Ke$ha. I am notoriously bad at End-of-Year lists because my brain runs on school years, so I only recognize albums from August onward as being “released this year.” Thus 80% of my list-making consists of me scrolling through iTunes, Spotify, and Wikipedia to determine which albums actually came out in 2012, 15% consists of me shrieking “that album came out this year?!“, and the final 5% consists of me actually making a list. Anyway, every song on this week’s Seven Deadly Spins comes a potential Best-Of-2012 album. It’s heavy on spacious, dreamy pop, with a bit of shred and, yes, a hint of Ke$ha.

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comes in three stormy colors!

I don’t know if this counts as self-promotion or not, but Infinity Cat just released JEFF the Brotherhood’s Castle Storm on vinyl and I’m obsessing over it for two reasons. 1) I was told when I started working there that this album would never get released on vinyl, so hahaha, thank Beyonce they lied to me. 2) My goodness, are these some beautiful records. (Pictured above.) It comes in three colors and is limited to 1000 copies, so get it while you can. So naturally, the first bonus track is “Droom Kit,” which is on Castle Storm and features the classic JEFF line “I play drums / in another band / from the future!” Second is “Blue Velvet” by Childhood, which I immediately decided to like just because the title is “Blue Velvet.” Although not particularly Lynchian, it is a pretty dreamy tune and its b-side, “Bond Girls,” hits a nice mix of atmospheric and danceable. And we amp up the dancing with our last song, David Thomas Jones’ “Our Lives.” It’s a strangely quaint little pop song; his voice is bounces between hypnotic and anxious, the percussion ranges from drum machines and handclaps to subtle clicks and pops, and the guitar is just plays one hazy surf riff.


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