PRETENTIOUS MIXTAPES: Beach Holidaze (Xmas 2011)

Beach Holidaze

Why It’s Pretentious: Like everyone else on earth with a blog, I make annual Christmas mixes. While I work on this year’s compilation, I thought I would post last year’s mix. Beach Holidaze was dedicated to the abnormally hot December in Tennessee and Arkansas. A sunny combination of surf rock, dancepop, and twee, it contains some of my favorite xmas songs, including Young Wrists’ dreamy cover of The Ramones’ “Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight),” which is the #1 song I wish I could curl up inside and live in forever; The Starside Eight’s “Kiss for Christmas,” a Christmas staple that’s made it on every mix since like, 2003; and Eyes Lips Eyes’ jaunty Christmas original “Slept In Through Christmas.” I also included Hilary Duff’s “Holiday,” partially to be “ironic” but mostly because I love that song and wanted to prove that it could sound acceptable when surrounded by “cool indie songs.”



  1. Hooray for Santa Claus – Sloppy Seconds
  2. Sleigh Ride – The Ventures
  3. Frosty the Snowman – Tristan
  4. Santa Stole My Lady – Fitz & the Tantrums
  5. Artificial Snow (Notown Version) – Atlas Sound
  6. Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight) – Young Wrists
  7. Holiday – Hilary Duff
  8. Last Christmas – Saskatchewan
  9. Cheer Up, It’s Christmas – Wiley
  10. Holiday – Capital Cities
  11. I’ll Be Home For Christmas – The Drums
  12. All I Want For Christmas – Master Slash Slave
  13. Slept In Through Christmas – Eyes Lips Eyes
  14. Father Christmas – Telekinesis!
  15. Kiss for Christmas – The Starside Eight
  16. Christmas Day (I Wish I Was Surfing) – Emmy the Great & Tim Wheeler
  17. Teenage Christmas – Eux Autres
  18. Jingle Bell Rock – Dancer and Prancer
  19. Holiday Hymn (Peel Session) – Orange Juice
  20. Santa Needs A Holiday- Strawberry Whiplash
  21. Sunny Christmas – Renee & Jeremy
  22. Christmas on the Beach – Irene

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