SEVEN DEADLY SPINS: 12/17/12-12/23/12

It seems that every winter break, I fall into the same habits: drink a lot of hot chocolate, underestimate Russian literature, and drown myself in Bret Easton Ellis novels when the Russian novel starts talking about peasants too much. Most of this week’s Seven Deadly Spins come from the soundtracks to Bret Easton Ellis movie adaptations, particularly Less than Zero and The Rules of Attraction. (Bret Easton Ellis movies that I actually watched this week: The Informers, because I’d never seen it, and Rules of Attraction. The Informers was 98% terrible and The Rules of Attraction remains my favorite movie– and a solid thought not completely obvious choice for apocalypse.) Also making the cut: The Mostar Diving Club’s “Worlds Collide” from the Waiting For Forever soundtrack; The Starside Eight’s “Kiss For Christmas,” which, after ten years, is still my favorite Christmas song; and yet another Ke$ha song.

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So Wavves trolled NME this week and told ’em they were recording a hip-hop-inspired album. Hahaha, very funny Nathan, but why can’t that be a real thing? Anyway, your first bonus track is their newest single, “Sail To The Sun.” It sounds like Wavves: catchy, a bit fuzzy, written by a stoner. Never change, man. Never change. Foals also released a new single recently; the highly danceable “My Number” is doing everything it can to remind me why I was intensely in love with this band circa 2007-2008. Despite the lackluster Total Life Forever, I have high hopes for Holy Fire (out on February 11th). Lastly, while I never really got into Tegan & Sara beyond thinking that they were also Le Tigre, every time I remember that “Closer” exists, it puts a big ol’ smile on my face. (And then I usually have a dance party that mostly involves me jumping around and yelling “OH OH OH OH, OH OH OH OH” in my room by myself.) Heartthrob, their seventh album, is due to drop on January 29th. If these are the sounds of 2013, then bring on the new year, baby.


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