Jingle Mint Twist

WHY IT’S PRETENTIOUS: So I have two Christmas traditions: 1) fall ill, 2) make Christmas mix. The flu is this year’s culprit RE: the first Christmas tradition, which is why I’m posting this at 7 PM instead of like, sometime during the day. This year’s mix started off as a tribute to Nashville, with a lot of old school country and rockabilly songs ripped from old 45s and some crackly punk songs ripped from old cassettes. But then the xx released their cover of “Last Christmas” and I figured I had to work some polished “indie rock” in there somehow. So what we have now is a collage of old school country, blues, soul, power pop, indie pop, girl groups, rockabilly, surf– no discernable plot or theme, just good music. This is the first Christmas mix in a decade that hasn’t included my favorite xmas song, The Starside Eight’s “Kiss for Christmas,” but I made up for it by including Young Wrists’ cover of “Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight).” I also threw in “Jingle Mint Twist,” the song that inspired the mix but ultimately didn’t make the cut, as a bonus track. Merry Christmas, hunx and punx and dweebs and babes. I luv u x infinity.

Download (zip file)


  1. Santa Claus – Wild Billy Childish & The Musicians of the British Empire
  2. Christmas Present Blues – Jimmy Reed
  3. Twinkle – JD McPherson
  4. Back Door Santa – Clarence Carter
  5. The Christmas Suicide Song – The Eversons
  6. Santa’s Gonna Shut ‘Em Down – The Untamed Youth
  7. Run Run Rudolph – Frankenstrangler
  8. Who Sez There Ain’t No Santa Claus – Ron Holden & The Thunderbirds
  9. You Trimmed My Christmas Tree – Baby Jane And The Blenders
  10. You Trashed My Christmas – The Primitives
  11. Christmas Don’t Seem Like Christmas Anymore – Ferlin Husky
  12. You Never Come Home For Christmas – Caitlin Rose with Keegan DeWitt
  13. Kiss Me Quickly (It’s Christmas) – PINS
  14. Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight) – Young Wrists
  15. It’s Just Not Christmas Without You – The Crookes
  16. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) – The Heartbreaks
  17. Last Christmas (TABS xxMAS Rework) – The xx

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