SEVEN DEADLY SPINS: 12/24/12 – 12/30/12

I miss Nashville. After three and a half years, it’s truly become my home and man, I just miss all you babes. So, to cope, I’ve been listening to a lot of Nashville bands lately. It appears that more Nashville bands are slowly making their way to Spotify: JEFF, of course, has their last three albums up and Turbo Fruits and PUJOL, both of whom have seen a lot of love outside Music City, have their respective “big albums” up as well. But I was pleasantly surprised to see that Big Surr put their Miss You Most EP on Spotify. Big Surr, “a fun band made up of five bbs who like to eat pizza and ice cream,” is the kind of band that’s perpetually on the chopping block, but still make us insane fans go crazy when they play a rare show or release a 7″. They may be my favorite band ever. They are the sound of pure happiness.

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Listening to Big Surr is kind of a long, involved process for me. It starts with casually listening to a song and then moves to not being able to listen to any other music. Then, I start watching all of their live videos on YouTube. Then, as I am dancing wildly around my room, I suddenly break down and cry and hope and pray that Helen comes back to Nashville so I can see them live again. Anyway, here’s “Gone” by Big Surr. Next, as nice as it is to have new Faux Ferocious stuff on Spotify, 2009’s A Thousand Trucks is by far my favorite EP. I can’t even pick a favorite song off the EP; they are all perfect in their own dreamy rock & roll ways. So I’ve embedded the entire EP here. You can also download the whole thing for free on Bandcamp, which I highly highly recommend. Lastly, we have Deadbeat Beat, breaking the Nashville mold but keeping the fuzzy vibe. “Body Shakes” is my favorite of their songs, but once again, I’ve embedded all of their demos because “See You All The Time” is a close second. They made their album available for free online, so download that here if you know what’s good for you!


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