HEY! WHERE DID MY MONEY GO?: December 2012

So in case you missed it, the Spotify Premium account that I’d been tricked into getting (curse you, 30-day free trials!) was cancelled a few months ago because a man from Canada stole my debit card and tried to buy $500 worth of groceries, and so I had to cancel my card. Which thus ended any recurring charges I had, including Spotify. So I was in the middle of a conundrum: now free from paying $10 a month, do I re-activate my account so I don’t have to listen to ads or instead spend this new $10 on something else, probably coffee? After a few months of increasingly annoying ads, I finally decided to buy Spotify Premium again. And here’s why: I was grooving to the xx real smoothly and quietly in my family’s kitchen, when halfway through the sparse sounds of heartbreak, a really loud and obnoxious Trojan ad started playing out of nowhere. Wow, Spotify, way to harsh my mellow. And as the sound of Trojan man echoed through the house, I thought to myself, “Bitch, don’t kill my vibe” and immediately took out my debit card.

So that is the major music purchase I made in December.

Oh, and all three limited pressings of JEFF the Brotherhood’s Castle Storm, which cost more than the rest of my music purchases combined, but was totally totally worth it.

Hey! Where Did My Money Go?

Digital Download

  • N/A


  • Ludacris – Word of Mouf – $3.85
  • Ke$ha – Warrior (Deluxe Edition) – $12.99


  • Ke$ha – Animal – $9.99
  • JEFF the Brotherhood – Castle Storm (limited edition green vinyl with black smoke) – $15.00
  • JEFF the Brotherhood – Castle Storm (limited edition Coke bottle clear with white smoke) – $15.00
  • JEFF the Brotherhood – Castle Storm (limited edition clear with black, white, and green smoke) – $15.00


Total: $91.83


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