SEVEN DEADLY SPINS: 2/25/13 – 3/3/13

SEVEN DEADLY SPINS: ARKANSAS STYLE. Conveniently, I spent this week mostly listening to last week’s Seven Deadly Spins, so you’re getting two spins for the price of one. (Or something like that.) Thanks to Rilo Kiley’s new single “Let Me Back In,” I rediscovered More Adventurous and have been playing it obsessively. I was in eighth grade when it came out, so no doubt I took the intricate fictions of  “Does He Love You?” and “Jim/Me/A Man” for granted. (Although I distinctly remember crying on a school bus after really listening to “Does He Love You?” for the first time.) Nine years later, the thunderous “I Never” is quickly becoming my favorite song off the album. Damn, Jenny Lewis. Our dear Jenny brought me to other western-tinged, big-voiced ladies, like Dusty Springfield and Kitty Wells. On the opposite end of the genre spectrum, I’ve been listening to Foal’s “My Number” a lot, partially because remains my favorite song on the album and partially in retaliation for the Hot Chip remix. I realize that I’m in the minority here, but the Hot Chip remix takes out everything that’s fun about the song. I can feel the good remixes coming though, so if anyone finds a banger, let me know.

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I’ve also been working on my Spring Break mix this year. It’s gotten down to the wire, when I have to accept the fact that I can’t make a three hour slow-jam tape. In a shocking sign of restraint, I got rid of both the Buggin’ remix of “The Boy is Mine” and Persian Empire’s remix of “Jenny From The Block.” I know. I know. So both are featured below because I can’t not share them with the world. Next, yes, I loved Bowie’s new song and video, but what I loved even more was the absolutely beautiful and crazy cool live video of Beck covering “Sound and Vision.” Is this a sign of the times, that a video “presented by Lincoln Motor Company” is more impressive than a video made by our Lord and Savior, David Bowie? I’ve linked the standard version here, but for the full 360 degree, interactive, kick-ass version go to Rounding out the visuals is a stellar music video for “Burned Body” by Naomi Punk. One-part collage, one-part stop motion, a dash of fashion mag, and a hell of a lot of headbanging.


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