I am Ale Delgado.

I have three idols in life: David Bowie, Morrissey, and Jenny Owen Youngs. One time, Jenny Owen Youngs played a show at my house and I never stopped talking about it. I am even talking about it right now.

I am currently a senior at Belmont University, where I study business— the business of music, that is. Someday, I hope to be a corrupt music business executive!

Until then, I remain generally uncorrupt. I run the social media at Infinity Cat Recordings, home of JEFF the Brotherhood, Heavy Cream, and Diarrhea Planet. If you enjoy “rock music” and creative use of punctuation, feel free to follow us on Twitter (@infinitycat) and Facebook. I also intern at Universal Music Nashville in the Digital Department and own a milkshake truck called Moovers and Shakers. In my free time, I like to tweet (@iamaledelgado), take pop culture too seriously, go to mosh pits– I mean shows, make pretentious mixtapes, and fall asleep on my couch with Dawson’s Creek in the background.


Continue to internet stalk me.


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