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Review: Escape From Tomorrow

1. Escape from Tomorrow Easily the most polarizing and buzzworthy film at Sundance, newcomer Randy Moore’s surreal horror Escape from Tomorrow is inaccessible, confusing, and absolutely brilliant. While I admit that I wanted to see it because I heard it was secretly filmed at Disney World and would therefore never see the light of day again, […]

Review: Escape from Sundance 2013

This year’s Sundance (or as The Guardian telling called it: Porndance) was especially heavy on the sex and politics this year, with films like kink and Interior. Leather Bar being vaguely disguised porn and documentaries like The World According to Dick Cheney and Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer being oh so topical. If you weren’t getting irrationally angry, sobbing next to strangers, […]

Review: Reid – Self-Titled (LP)

There’s a great danger in being friends with artists. What if they make you go to all of their shows? What if they start a Kickstarter? What if they suck? Thankfully, with Emily Reid (now known simply as Reid), that’s not an issue. Reid’s self-titled debut dropped Tuesday and it’s stuck in my head ever since. […]