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HEY! WHERE DID MY MONEY GO?: September 2012

My Marketing of Recorded Music professor likes to talk about how weird we music business students are. “Oh, you spend money on music. Oh, you need music.” That sort of thing. And it’s true, we are very weird folk. But I like to think that I have an advantage in this business because I act more […]

SEVEN DEADLY SPINS: 9/23/2012 – 9/30/2012

This week’s SEVEN DEADLY SPINS includes two songs by Melody’s Echo Chamber because, well, I really really like that album. (It’s French and psychedelic pop– it’s like they made it just for me!) Proving that I’m always a sucker for an interesting marketing campaign, I also bought (and totally dug) MS MR’s “Candy Bar Creep […]