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Pretentious Mixtapes: gRADuation

The Boy is Mine (Buggin’ Remix) – Monica & Brandy Pony (BUSTED Remix) – Ginuwine Send Me Down (Kisses Remix) – HAIM Closer (The Knocks Remix) – Tegan & Sara Suit & Tie (Chachi & Jay Dabhi Remix) – Justin Timberlake It’s Never Over – AVAN LAVA Pull Me Down (Ryan Hemsworth Remix) – Mikky […]


WHY IT’S PRETENTIOUS: So I have two Christmas traditions: 1) fall ill, 2) make Christmas mix. The flu is this year’s culprit RE: the first Christmas tradition, which is why I’m posting this at 7 PM instead of like, sometime during the day. This year’s mix started off as a tribute to Nashville, with a lot […]


Why It’s Pretentious: So I made this apocalyptic concept album using only Ke$ha songs, which I know doesn’t sound very pretentious — besides when I use the phrase “concept album” — but don’t worry. First of all, the title comes from an unreleased Roger Avery film about Victor from Rules of Attraction/Glamorama. Nothing says pretentious […]

PRETENTIOUS MIXTAPES: Beach Holidaze (Xmas 2011)

Why It’s Pretentious: Like everyone else on earth with a blog, I make annual Christmas mixes. While I work on this year’s compilation, I thought I would post last year’s mix. Beach Holidaze was dedicated to the abnormally hot December in Tennessee and Arkansas. A sunny combination of surf rock, dancepop, and twee, it contains some of […]

PRETENTIOUS MIXTAPES: United States of Whatever

Why It’s Pretentious: I voted today for the first time ever, so naturally I made a mix about it. Originally titled North American Scum after my second favorite LCD Soundsystem song, it is much more apathetic/snarky than I am. What can I say, I love angry punx, formally disenfranchised rappers, and bitter electronic artists. Personally, […]