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PRETENTIOUS MIXTAPES: Beach Holidaze (Xmas 2011)

Why It’s Pretentious: Like everyone else on earth with a blog, I make annual Christmas mixes. While I work on this year’s compilation, I thought I would post last year’s mix. Beach Holidaze was dedicated to the abnormally hot December in Tennessee and Arkansas. A sunny combination of surf rock, dancepop, and twee, it contains some of […]

SEVEN DEADLY SPINS: 11/5/12-11/11/12

Two big big things happened this week. 1) I turned 22teen a couple hours ago, making me the oldest living teenager. 2) I voted in my first Presidential election, which I was 110% excited to do. This week’s Seven Deadly Spins reflect those two things. On the birthday front: I can only assume that my pop […]